FACET Worship Team Master Link 2023-2024

VOICE Lessons YT Playlist

FACET - Roslyn - DEMO Gratitude

FACET - Rachel - DEMO Amazing Grace 1

FACET - Rachel - DEMO Amazing Grace 2

FACET - Rachel - TRACK Amazing Grace D

FACET - Rachel - TRACK Amazing Grace E

FACET - Emilia - Rockin Robin Demo

FACET - Emilia - Rockin Robin Folder

SOWA - Micah Entertainer Example

SOWA Sophia Demo - 


SOWA Sophia Accompaniment 


My First Piano - Music Links

Piano Primer Music Link 

Piano Level 1 Music Link

Accelerated Piano Adventures Lesson Book 1Demonstrations

Accelerated Piano Adventures Level 1 Performance Book -Demonstrations

Accelerated Piano Adventures Level 1 Technique Book - Demonstrations

Music Rocks  RK Accompaniment

Music Rocks: RK Sheet Music

Ear Trainingas

Printable Worksheet

C Scale and Triad

Demonstration of  #1 - 4

Demonstration # 5 - 8

Demonstration # 9 - 13

Basic Exercises

Exercise #1

Be aware of the breath moving the larynx and vocal cords. 
Also pay close attention to the freedom of the voice through the cords and resonating space as you transition from low to middle to high voice. 

Exercise #2 
Rolling Octave Skips on bubbles ascending then on "my oh" descending


Exercise #3
Vowels in a 5th
Watch vowel shapes
Remember to take deep stretching breaths through into your seat


Exercise  #4
Walking up and down with a tag
Use "my oh" for now

"With each student I strive to develop style and artistry, strengthen vocal stamina and endurance, and deliver memorable performances and presentations, while guiding the heart, mind, and body of vocalists to establish a base for excellence as an artist."


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