Locations & Times:

FACET COOP   https://facethomeschool.org/

 - Tuesday 10:30 - 11:50 Worship Team 

- Thursday 11:00 - 11:50 Music Rocks :  3rd - 5th Grade

Private Piano and Voice Scheduled personally

The School of Worship Arts  https://www.fbcuc.org/sowa/

Mon and Tues Evenings 

Private Piano and Voice lessons

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Class Details:

Music Rocks Class :

 3-5th grade Elementary Music Class

Worship Team :

 Designed for teens to gain training and experience needed to be a valuable worship team member.

Private Lessons : 

 Personalized lessons based on individual goals. 

Beginning Piano

Beginner through Intermediate/Advanced Vocals

All classes will conclude in a recital at the end of each semester as facilities allow. 

Group lessons must meet a minimum of 5 students per class to validate my time 

while providing students the benefit of learning from and with each other.

Music Rocks

$45 a month $50 Supply Fee per semester

1 hour class - Designed for ages grade 3rd through 5th

This class is designed to be your child’s elementary school music class. 

Students will learn about the instruments of the symphony and gain a basic introduction to music history and composers, sight reading, and listening skills. We'll play interactive games, have hands on time with instruments, and explore music in everyday life. 

First, throughout the year I will introduce and explore all instruments and their families within the orchestra as well as help your child appreciate music in the symphony while expanding their awareness of orchestral music all around us; from the movies we watch to the games we play, we are immersed in music. 

Next, we will focus on music appreciation. Navigating chronologically from the Baroque era through contemporary music, students will hear the stories of popular composers in relation to the era of history they lived in. Along the way we will discover some timeless repertoire while observing all the details that make music come alive. 

Finally, this class would not be complete without the practical application of basic sight-reading skills using the three basic instruments: rhythm instruments, the recorder and the voice.  Students will learn how to read rhythm and identify pitches by name, as well as how to use proper breath technique and finger patterns. Together we will learn a fun selections to be presented at the end of each semester.

High School Choir Class

1 hour – Focus: Vocal Performance,Technique and Sight Singing

$45 a month - $25 Supply Fee

No prior vocal experience is needed for these semi private voice lessons. Students of all levels will gain valuable knowledge and confidence by learning together and encouraging one another in a safe space.

Class Size Limit : 5 people

Vocal Technique 

Vocal techniques will be taught in a group format as a healthy foundation for solo performance in both classical and contemporary singing styles. Students will learn proper vocal technique as a group via arpeggios and breathing exercises.

Sight Singing

Various sight singing methods will be used as a class to develop sight singing and aural skills that will aid in intonation, rhythm and musicality, all of which are vital musical skills.

Choral Class Summary

Beginning choir will introduce and develop basic singing techniques, sight-reading skills and basic music theory concepts.

Students will sing various music genres and study the music history of each piece presented.

Resources will be provided to rehearse in class and practice outside of class.

Students are expected to practice an average of 30 minutes a day 3 - 5 times a week to allow our class time to be most effective.

Practice links will be posted on my website www.christinabranz.com

As a home-school class, this is a unique choir experience as class sizes are typically significantly smaller than public school choirs. This intimate setting offers students more personalized coaching, similar to a Master Class setting, while maintaining the benefits of learning and singing in a group setting. In my experience, this yields confident and joy-filled singers.

Course Objectives: 

  • Learn to read and write simple examples of rhythmic and tonal notation. 
  • Learn  to use and define musical performance terms and symbols in a choral setting. 
  • Demonstrate proper use and improvement of the following vocal techniques:  intonations, tone quality, diction, vowel formation, breath support and range development. 
  • Gain an appreciation of the history of music by studying from various periods of history by the various composers of the music studied. 
  • Learn  to read and independently sing their vocal part
  • Learn  to critically evaluate musical performances in musical terms. 
  • Gain confidence through performance as a group as well as via solo opportunities. Solos will be offered equally to all, but will not be required.

 .This setting offers an incredible way to gain performance confidence, experience, and trust

Learning Objectives:

Learn basic voice anatomy.

• Establish a healthy vocal technique for singing applicable to many different styles.

• Understand voice health and maintenance

• Learn effective practice techniques.

• Learn basic vocal and musical vocabulary.

• Unlock the communicative and expressive power of the voice.

• Develop techniques to address performance anxiety.

Worship Team  

$45 month - $50 Supply fee

1.5 Hour Class

In this class students will be coached to sing worship music.

As vocalists, leading worship requires more than vocal preparation, musicality, and stage presence. While these group voice lessons will focus on learning and applying vocal technique and stage presence, as it applies to contemporary worship, we will also cover the steps taken to prepare to lead a congregation in worship. 

Each student will have the opportunity to lead a song as well as harmonize with their class mates in other songs. As we rehearse,each student will be expected to learn the melody as well as one harmony part per song. 

A strong vocalist should be able to sing multiple parts on a team;this allows vocalists flexibility to fill in for the gaps on their worship team as needed.The class will also be guided through the process of song selection, learn to do biblical analysis of lyrics, and learn how to prepare worship sets while taking into consideration key, tempo, and content within a congregational setting. In addition to practical training, each class will end in a devotional based on worship in the church to guide the students through spiritual and emotional training in regards to worship music.

Worship songs will be learned in preparation for community gatherings and outreach opportunities throughout each semester

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Private Voice Lessons

Available in person or remotely via Google Meet

$35 per 30-minute session payable monthly - $15 Supply Fee per semester

Learn how to make your voice sound more powerful, how to use vocal technique to expand your range and expression, how to become more confident in vocal performances, have better breath control, and understand how to take care of your voice.

Learning Objectives:

Learn basic voice anatomy.

• Establish a healthy vocal technique for singing that is applicable to many different singing styles.

• Understand voice health and hygiene.

• Learn effective practice techniques.

• Sing with consistent, accurate intonation.

• Develop coordinated breath support to help stamina and increase control of the instrument.

• Demonstrate a free-tone quality with minimum tension.

• Establish beneficial practice habits to help growth and development.

• Learn basic vocal and musical vocabulary.

• Unlock the communicative and expressive power of the voice.

Benefits of private lessons:

• Private students will have the instructor’s full attention for the full length of the lesson.

• Private students can move forward at their own pace.

• Private students receive personalized instruction based on the instructor’s evaluation of vocal technique and development.

"With each student I strive to develop style and artistry, strengthen vocal stamina and endurance, and deliver memorable performances and presentations, while guiding the heart, mind, and body of vocalists to establish a base for excellence as an artist."


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