FACET Worship Team YT Playlist

FACET Worship Team Practice Demos

FACET Music Rocks Recorder Accompaniment

Kaleb Gravity Track

Kaleb Hallelujah Track

Danek Have Yourself Track

Danek Have Youself Piano Demo

Jedidiah Famous For Demo+2

Jedidiah Famous For Track+2

Jedidiah - Route 66 Folder

Pamela - There Was Jesus +6

Pamela - Xmas Medley

Addisen Demo

Masyn - Anyone DEMO

Masyn - Anyone TRACK

Paula - Green DEMO

Paula and Audrey - Ave DEMO

Ave with Cello

Ave Accompaniment

Chloe R. - I've Got You DEMO

Ear Training

Demonstration of  #1 - 4

Demonstration # 5 - 8

Demonstration # 9 - 13

Basic Exercises

Exercise #1

Be aware of the breath moving the larynx and vocal cords. 
Also pay close attention to the freedom of the voice through the cords and resonating space as you transition from low to middle to high voice. 

Exercise #2 
Rolling Octave Skips on bubbles ascending then on "my oh" descending


Exercise #3
Vowels in a 5th
Watch vowel shapes
Remember to take deep stretching breaths through into your seat


Exercise  #4
Walking up and down with a tag
Use "my oh" for now