Authentic Artist & Experienced Coach 

  • Studio, Theater and Live Vocalist

  • Over 25 years coaching experience

  • Dedicated to train artists to sing with excellence, passion, sincerity, and humility.

Classes available:

Private Lessons :  Personalized lessons based on individual goals.

Music Rocks Class : 1st-5th grade Elementary Music Class

Vocal Master Class : Group Voice Lesson

Sight Reading and Vocal Technique : For beginner vocalists who desire to sight read and sing better.

Worship Team : Designed for teens to gain training and experience needed to be a valuable worship team member.

-  My Gift to You -

 A Complementary Vocal Warm Up and Exercise!

"With each student I strive to develop style and artistry, strengthen vocal stamina and endurance, and deliver memorable performances and presentations, while guiding the heart, mind, and body of vocalists to establish a base for excellence as an artist."


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